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First Campervan Hire for Orkney Trip

Sandra & Doug took themselves and the Camperceilidh Campervan off on a Road and Ferry trip to Orkney. This was their first Campervan hire experience, and were curious as to how it would to compare to a Caravan. They were pleased to report that they thoroughly enjoyed their trip and experience.

They loved not having to get out in the rain, but to just arrive, put on the kettle, swing the front seats around, and settle down to a cuppa! Their chosen site near Birsay was ideal as a short drive from the Ferry Terminal, and also gave access to walks along the cliffs, where they embraced the open and clear skies and landscapes. From Birsay they explored Skara Brae, the Ring of Brodgar, other standing Stones and Neolithic sites.

On a rainy day, they drove round the Islands, and spent some time in Kirkwall – which is highly recommended and worth a visit.

Most Campsites were open, and willing to allow water top-ups and waste disposal for a small charge or they found some Council sites (one at Stromess) which were free.

Their route back brought them via Thurso to Ullapool and back to Aberdeen. Throughout their journey “the scenery was stunning – and it is a reminder of how beautiful Scotland is – Aren’t we lucky!”

“Until the next time Camperceilidh – we will be back”. Bye for now… 🙂

Thank you Doug and Sandra for sharing your photographs 🙂

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