Our VW Campervans

We would like you to undertake the trip of your lifetime, activity holiday, or gentle tour around our beautiful country in the same manner: to blend in with the locals, to not make a fuss, to appreciate and respect people, places and the environment. Our motto is Take only Photographs - Leave only Footprints

The Capercaillie: A VW Campervan Dunbury Highline

Capercaillie in the wild
vw danbury highline: The Capercaillie at Aden Campsite

“The Capercaillie”  is a VW Danbury Highline Campervan and has everything you need, including a toilet and shower, to keep you well and truly self contained.

As well as cooking facilties, a Fridge, Hot Water and Heating, there is plenty of room for your Luggage and Bicycles, and to safely store any rubbish to be disposed of at the next suitable opportunity. Similarly Campsites can be accessed every 3-4 days to dispose of the “Black Water” from the Toilet Cassette.

Camperceilidh is a play on the Scottish Capercaillie – A wild and wonderful, but also rare woodland grouse.  They are difficult to see and to find, but they are there.

The Tammie Norrie (Puffin): A VW Campervan California Ocean

Tammie Norrie at River Dee

This VW Campervan California Ocean represents our family and friends vehicle, just like the Puffin family.  It offers you a self-contained home from home experience, with all you require for your trip.  Heating, lighting, Cooking, Fridge andtwo Double Beds - Indoor and Outdoor living with the awning and picnic table and chairs.  It even has a portapotti and thermal shower with outside pop up tent!

Tammie Norrie is Scots for the Atlantic Puffin – An iconic, loving, wild and beautiful member of the Auk Family.  They can be found on remote Sea Cliffs in Spring when it is their breeding season.  They mate for life, lay a single egg per season, and share the fishing and feeding for their little chick.

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